Rwanda | Gatsibo: Girls beat boys in vocational centres performance

Gatsibo Girls beat boys in vocational centres performance

Marie Claudine Mukamparirwa the head teacher of Ngarama Vocational Training Centre in Ngarama sector Gatsibo district said that female students should not shun away from vocational schools as it has already been proved that they perform better than male students.


Some of the students at Ngarama Vocational Training Centre


She said this after graduating the pioneer class in this training centre where females had more points than male students and those who are still there do not meet any limitation in their studies and are good performers.


Among the lessons they learn include construction, plumber, welding and females perform better than males and they are more hopeful and attentive in their studies than male students. Among the 102 students in this vocational centre, 29 of them have finished and among them female students performed better than males.


Gatsibo district has no plumbers and students who graduated from Ngarama Vocational Training Centre and their teachers intend to work with the district to solve this problem though they have not yet discussed this problem.