Rwanda : Over 17, 000 to sit for TVET exams

Over 17, 000 to sit for TVET exams

State Minister for Primary and Secondary Education Dr. Mathias Harebamungu

receiving last year’s TVEt exams results


A total of 17,426 candidates are expected to sit for the 2012 TVET national exams slated to begin on September 18 – 28.

The TVET practical exams which are the second the Workforce Development Authority (WDA) has organized will be done from 91 exam centers across the country.

WDA took over this responsibility from the former National Examination Council in 2011, It is also the second time in history that Rwanda has held TVET practical exams.

According to Mr. Theodore HABIMANA, Director of TVET Training at WDA, all the requirements for the smooth running of the exams have been set.

A team of 4 Provinces Coordinators, 13 District Supervisors and 581 examiners has been set across the country.

Practical exams are one of the tools put in place by WDA to ensure that a quality TVET is taught in Rwanda.

Candidates who sit for practical exams in September will sit for national theory exams in November and their results shall be published in early 2013.



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