Rwanda | Nyamasheke: TVET [Ntendezi] to help girls get a better future

Rwanda | Nyamasheke TVETGirls from Ntendezi vocational training institution[VTC] ,learning tailoring ,in Ruharambuga sector in Nyamasheke district say that  the many teachings they get from this school will help them start their own businesses and also get a better future.,

Lea Niyomukiza, one of the students from the institution said that after not finishing her studies she had to sit at home, but after studying tailoring she can see that there is a bright future for her.

Some students from this VTC that is governed by the Anglican church of Rwanda together with Rwanda Aid said that they should reduce the school fees for students who cannot afford paying for themselves, since they have to pay Rwf30,000, for the 6months they have to carry on the course.

they also say that after finishing their course they should be given working materials in their field so that they can practice what they leant, since some of them  finish studying and do not get any of these ,hence never practice what they studied.

The director of social welfare in Nyamasheke district, Catherine Gatete told the students never to feel as if they are the poorest, but to always think of getting help in whatever way possible.

They were advised to work hard for development since from working hard they will get everything they want. They were also advised to form groups that can help them though their needs.

The leadership of this school says that “here was some support they sent to the school Executive leaders. In this case if anything rises up these students can get equipments and use them for a better future.