Rwanda | Ririma: vocational training center opens for Youth


It is time for the youth who dropped out of school in Ririma sector in Bugesera district due to Benimpuhwe Vocational Training Center that will train those who did not finish higher education in technical skills for 6 months to promote themselves.

Patrick Rwasa the education officer in Bugesera district says that this vocational Center is meant to solve youth’s problems in this sector like poverty in families, idleness, unemployment, and children labor.

Some of the students who will attend technical courses at Benimpuhwe Vocational Training Center are very excited for having this school that will develop and nurture their dreams nearby. “We are ready to put to use everything that the schools offers and be able compete on job market like others” says Valentine Mukamunana a student.

This vocational center was initiated by Benimpuhwe association with the support of Education Development Center (EDC) Akazi kanoze program.

About 100 students both male and females started attending these courses and these courses include construction, electricity and painting at the moment though with time many other courses will be introduced.