Rwanda | RUSIZI: genocide orphans awarded certificates on technical skills

Children survivors of the 1994 genocide against Tutsi genocide in Rwanda in Kamembe sector in Rusizi district who had attended a 6 months course on technical skills were given certificates.

RUSIZI genocideThese children head of families were selected by AVEGA AGAHOZO after dropping out of schools in different villages. Without hope for the future, AVEGA AGAHOZO brought them together and decided to teach them different technical skills like tailoring and doing art and crafts and decorative stuff.

Though these children are excited about the new prospects of their future that will be created by the skills they acquired, they are worried that this may go down the drain with lack of capital to start up and even by the basic equipment. With this to worry about, they need AVEGA AGAHOZO to continue supporting them through and provide them with such equipment to start with.

Speciose Muhimpundu a development trainer in Rusizi district says that the training these 7 young girls got will pave their path to development and improve their social lives. She also said that they are advocating for them to find the basic tools for them to enroll what they learnt into practice and to have brighter future.