Kayonza: 50 youths graduate with hands-on skills

50 youth in Kayonza district who have been undergoing training for Job Creation skills for the past three months in Kayonza Youth Recreational Center have been awarded certificates.

The trained youth said they were taught to respect any kind of work and changing their attitude towards work they learnt from the training.

50 youths graduate with hands-on skills

The 50 youth that received certificates after 3 months of training

Jean Bosco Hakizimana a resident of Juru cell in Gahini sector says: “I have managed to challenge the understanding of the youth in my area of residence and implored them to work.”

Jean Bosco Hakizimana has enforced changes in the youth of Juru cell especially by encouraging them to form cooperatives and working together in a team.

50 youths graduate with hands-on skills 2

Jean Bosco Hakizimana is an inspiration to the youth in Juru cell

Mustapha Tugirimana who also learnt job creation in Kayonza Youth Recreational Center has learned never to disrespect any kind of work as long as it earns him a living.

Jean Claude Mwiseneza the coordinator of Kayonza Youth Recreational Center says the center follows up on the youth after graduating to make sure they used their knowledge to their advantage.

“We also give them support in preparing productive projects and connect them with financial institutions to get startup capital for their projects” says Mwiseneza.