Kamonyi: Youth undergo three week training on technical work


Young people have been called upon to learn technical and vocational skills so as to curb the unemployment issues.

The call was made on Wednesday 19th, 02, 2014 during the official opening of the Ingando training for the youth from the Economic Community of the Great Lakes Countries (ECGLC)


The CEPGL youth representatives say there is unemployment problems affecting the youth out of school who seek white collar jobs in all countries in CEPGL.

The only solution to the youth in curbing unemployment and playing their part in developing their countries lies in learning technical skills so they become job creators not job seekers.

The Ingando with 30 youths form CEPGL Countries started on Wednesday the 19th, 02, and 2014 will last for 3 weeks.

The youth in this Ingando will be trained on technical skills like bricks making, pavement making, making paints and colours and how to paint. They will be trained by CPJSP Youth Training Center that is located in Remera cell in Rukoma sector in Kamonyi district.

CPJSP Youth Training Center was picked due to its experience in training about 6000 youth in technical skills in the last 6 years it has been operating.

Herman Tuyaga the executive secretary of CEPGL called upon the 30 youth in this training to make the best of the training and learn the skills that might get them to development in the future.

Norbert Shyerezo the coordinator of the National Youth Council in Rwanda says the technical and Vocational training is the only solution to the increased unemployment in many countries that affects youth.

The Rwandan government started the program to encourage the learning of technical skills through promotion of TVETs schools in all over the country in the CEPGL countries.

This program was at first limited by the poor understanding of the youth who thought only uneducated youth can learn technical skills but this has changed. Every province of Rwanda has many Technical Skills Training Schools and most of the High School graduates attend these schools.

CEPGL is made of 3 member states, Rwanda, Burundi and Democratic Republic of Congo.