Ruhango: Vocational Training Graduates urged to share skills

The vice-mayor in charge of social affairs in Ruhango district, Jolie Jermaine Mugeni has urged youth from vocational training schools to share skills with other youth and promote entrepreneurship.

The vice-mayor said this on March 19th 2014 during the graduation ceremony of 116 students at Vocational Training Centre in Ruhango district.

“Sustainable development can be achieved easily when those trained in skills share experience with other people that had no opportunity to enroll in vocational centres,” she explained.

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Athanase Habyarimana, in charge of Vocational Training Centres in Southern Province highlighted that sometimes Workforce Development Authority (WDA) provides opportunities for vocational training but some beneficiaries fail to create jobs after.

Commenting on failure to implement their projects, students highlighted lack of capital as the biggest challenge in job creation after vocational training.

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Athanase Habyarimana advised students who failed to create jobs to approach their schools and get basic materials or necessary aid from WDA.

“It’s sad to get free vocational training and then fail to put your skills in practice,” He said.