Ngoma: IPRC-East starts Anti-drug abuse Campaign

The vice Director of the Integrated Polytechnic Provincial Center (IPRC-East) Kizito Habimana inaugurated a week -long youth convention on Drug De-addiction  on the theme “Youth, let’s fight drugs, learn a skill and be self-reliant” at school Auditorium, on Thursday.

“It is impossible for students to use drugs and concentrate on their studies at the same time, Youth who use drugs gradually become addicts and think about another fix, they became a burden to their families and the nation in general.” Habimana

m_Ngoma IPRC-East starts Anti-drug abuse Campaign

Through this campaign, IPRC East showcased courses learnt by youth

 Habimana praised the nature and diversity of the week – long program and said that it is an important event for the school. “We should spread the message out to the youth to help the people get rid of this menace’.

He said that drug addiction is a curable disease and this problem should be addressed jointly and collective efforts are needed to fight this menace.

He also mentioned that “Involvement of youth in such initiatives at school level is vital as they form an important part of our society.”

Youth in this campaign were explained how students of IPRC East use technology in their studies

Youth in this campaign were explained how students of IPRC East use technology in their studies


With drug use being number one cause of school dropouts, poor performance in education, insecurity and crime perseverance, poor social and economic wellbeing of the youth,

The campaign to fight drug usage and addiction is done through presentations and games and music competitions.

“For girls who abuse drugs it makes difficult for them to continue their studies. Some other girls end up with unplanned pregnancies others decide to abort which is very risk, get involved with abusers and marry at tender age” Grâce Irakoze, a student at Kibungo VTC explains

Drugs have already destroyed many Rwandan lives; causing mental illnesses with eight percent of people with mental illnesses.